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UFOs and the Vatican
Gordon Creighton, Flying Saucer Review, Volume 45/4, Winter 2000

The Curious Utterances of the Vatican's Monsignor Corrado Balducci

This important Catholic prelate was already well known for his previous statement, some time ago, that he believed in the presence of alien intelligences interacting with planet Earth.

This important Catholic prelate was already well known for his previous statement, some time ago, that he believed in the presence of alien intelligences interacting with planet Earth.

What is probably much less well known however is the fact that he is the Vatican's senior Exorcist and Demonologist - and this makes some of his latest remarks and observations surprising - to say the very least!

At the *Second Ancona Ufological Congress, on April 17, 2000, the theme for discussion was "ALIEN CIVILIZATION: BETWEEN DOUBT AND REASON", and he gave an extensive interview there, expressing his opinions very clearly.

He stated emphatically that *of course* the Aliens and their vessels do quite definitely exist. On a number of occasions he had already voiced the highly intelligent view that, in between Man and Angels, there absolutely *must* also exist a considerable gamut - a great HIERARCHY of various other grades or levels of beings - and these might well be the "Aliens" now under discussion. From the theological point of view, he emphasised, there could be no doubt about *that*.

[Let us not forget either that in the Old Testament and other Jewish religious texts the talk is not merely of "Angels" (*Malakheem*, but also of *other* categories of celestial beings - such as *Cherubeem* and *Serapheem*. With my limited knowledge of Hebrew I have so far managed to find out very little indeed about these or any other categories of celestial beings in the old Hebrew Pantheon, and if anyone can help me on my way to learn more I would indeed be most grateful. I suspect that the old scholars and sages may have recognised even more than just these three grades of "Celestials". G.C.]

As regards acceptance of the general idea of life elsewhere in the Cosmos, the Monsignor pointed out that the saintly Italian priest Padre Pio, who was famous for his *stigmata* and for his miraculous healing of the sick, and who died only a few years ago, had always taken the existence of extraterrestrials for granted.

And, long before him, there had been - to quote just a few examples - such clerics as Cardinal Niccolo Cusano (1401-1464) who accepted the "alien" and "E.T." concepts and wrote about them. And also there had been the early Jesuit astronomer Father Angelo Secchi (1818-1899) who wrote: "*It is absurd to think that the other worlds around us are uninhabited deserts*".

And of course there had also been Giordano Bruno who had died at the stake for harbouring such beliefs.

When asked whether his investigation of the UFO Phenomenon was *purely personal* or had been based on official Vatican promptings, Monsignor Balducci - (not surprisingly) - hastened to emphasise that it all had been purely personal and that there was nothing "official" about it [which can hardly be true, as we at FSR have heard, for years past, that the Vatican possesses an active department devoted to the UFO Phenomenon. Indeed - how could it possibly be *otherwise*! G.C.

As already mentioned, this high-ranking Vatican dignitary, Monsignor Balducci, is himself recognized as the Vatican's No. One Demonologist. And yet it seems that there is not a single word in anything that he has ever said or written to indicate any knowledge whatsover of such matters as alien rape; crossbreeding; hybridization; removal of sperm and ova; implants, or the widespread harassment of humans by UFO entities, widespread mutilations of terrestrial animals, and ghastly human mutilations too.

The good Monsignor cannot possibly be unaware of these aspects of the matter. So I conclude that we are obliged to attribute scant value to his statements, which look like a piece of wild window-dressing. *Or worse*.

*He has blandly told us that any other intelligences are more or less certain to be higher and purer and more evolved than we are - bizarre views from a professional exorcist surely*!

One interesting assertion by Monsignor relates to the Fatima Apparitions of 1917 and other "Marian Phenomena". He sharply rejects the view (held by quite a lot of "ufologists" - all Catholics - in both Spain and Portugal) that the Marian Appearances might themselves be part of the entire UFO Phenomenon. "*Most certainly not*!" he says. "*Our Lady can do whatever she wants and she has no need for UFOs!*"

Responding to other questions about the chief dangers today threatening mankind, Monsignor Balducci made it clear that he sees the principal danger as a nuclear war against the West, some time before the year 2030 - an attack on the United States, by either the Chinese or the Arabs. [On which I agree with him 100%. -G.C.]

The second greatest danger, he agreed, was the impact on the Earth of a large asteroid or meteorite, which most astronomers will tell you quite frankly is probably rather over-due on Earth's time-scale.

As for the effect of these statements, I feel obliged to say that the discrepancy between the Monsignor's utterances and the perceived realities of our situation as we know it after half a century of study, can only be very unfortunate, for he is helping to lull the public into a passive and trance-like acceptance of the Demons who are currently our Lords and Masters, just as all of our media are already zealously doing.

So it looks to me like a very dishonest picture that we are being given, and it seems evident that the Vatican has no more intention than any Government has to come clean, and to tell the truth about the enormous problems which loom for our species.

ON WHOSE SIDE THEN IS BALDUCCI? Does all this not indicate that, within the Christian edifice of the Vatican there might lurk agents of another Force possessed of very, very different motivation and objectives? There are numerous disturbing indications that such might well be the case. One of these days I may decide to give an account of the amazing experiences of one of my friends which, alas, point in that direction. The details which I have given above are taken from Monsignor Balducci's statement, released earlier this summer [2000], about the Ancona Congress.

ADDENDUM I am indebted to Mr. Neil Cunningham of Edinburgh and to Paola Harris for the following further information that he has been authorised to pass to us by Dr. Steven Greer MD, Director of CSETI.

Together with the researcher/journalist Paola Harris and his own cameraman Peter Sorenson, Dr. Steven Greer was invited to meet Monsignor Balducci in his home in Rome on September 23(rd), the purpose being for the Monsignor to give an interview and to discuss with Dr. Greer the latter's plans for a major worldwide disclosure project regarding the UFO situation.

This ambitious project will include the filming of large numbers of military witnesses, intelligence officials, commercial pilots, scientists, and even astronauts (both American and Soviet).

These plans, which are already being put into operation will include such witnesses from Italy as well as all the other main countries involved. Dr. Greer had just come to Italy from Britain where he has filmed various people including myself.

Enlarging further on his views, Monsignor Balducci made some further altogether sensible remarks to the party, such as:

"*Of course* there must be *something else* between us and the Angels. And if there are such other beings, they are surely more evolved than we are.*" "We are" says Balducci, "at the bottom of the ladder for our ability to '*see good but do evil*'. It is illogical and a bit arrogant to believe that we are the only beings in God's creation. *Since all of Christianity is based on witness-testimony, we must realize how important testimony is*. It would be a tragedy if we began to be suspicious of all the people who report that they have experienced something unusual, like seeing craft in the sky, because there *are* some very credible witnesses who have seen these and who have come forward".

The only criticism that I personally (G.C.) have every voiced about Dr. Steven Greer has been because I often felt that he too seemed to be largely unaware of the *dark side* of the UFO Phenomenon, so I am delighted to see that this time he did not fail to put to Monsignor Balducci the all-important question of "whether the work of the Devil was included in the UFO Phenomenon?" But I was astounded once again to see Monsignor Balducci's reply to him which was:

"The Devil does not need UFOs to manifest. Nor are most witnesses suffering from illusions, as they have no reason to invent such things". He concluded by saying that it was both logical and desirable that "they" -the "Others"- should exist, since all that God creates gives glory to God the Creator".

Well - I have to say that I still find it all highly unsatisfactory. *Monsignor Balducci has totally failed to face up to the cardinal and central problem - namely the fact that we have such abundant evidence that so much of the UFO activity is evil and malignant by any standards that we can conceive of. He seems to think that, just because - as we can see - there are aliens who have marvellous technology, they must *ipso facto* also all be more advanced than we are, morally and spiritually!*


"Whatever those remains represent,
there's a reason why the good fathers buried them there to be forgotten."

Alien Remains Found At The Vatican. Pope Told To Remain Silent.

Many alien skulls were found during a restoration project at the Vatican Library.
Rendition of the appearance of the excavated skull when alive
(Note how the rendition looks exactly like the so-called "Grays" that are thought to abduct humans in UFO literature.)

Skeletal remains resembling 'space aliens' have been excavated from the basement floor of a centuries old vault under the Vatican Library.

The Library had been undergoing a major restoration to its' underground vaults, of which many, CN has learned, still contained dirt floors that have not felt a human foot in over 500 years.

The above picture of a restoration worker holding an alien skull was obtained by CN through an anonymous carrier. The Vatican Military has closed all entry to the Library. Although a Vatican spokesperson was quoted expressing his awe and excitement concerning the find; he later disavowed any knowledge of the comment. Press sources have confirmed that an unprecedented command of silence has been enacted by Pope John Paul upon the request of several world security organizations.

A world security agency meets with the Pope.

UFO organizations are already calling this "the great world government cover-up." Mary Peterson, chairperson for SART (Space Aliens are Real and a Threat), states her opinion "what lies beneath the Vatican floors belongs in our Universities to be studied. This only proves the theory that world government has known of aliens all along. And the Vatican is essentially it's own country with its' own government and military."

The 'fear of God' has already been put into the hearts of many of the faithful. Sister Judy Mebosa, chef at St. John's Cathedral in London, stated "it's the mark that the end is near. Whatever those remains represent, there's a reason why the good fathers buried them there to be forgotten. And there's a reason why God has allowed them to be found."

Michael Maregski, Lutheran pastor of Our Holy Father in Rome, is quoted as saying "the ufologists have been speculating for many years that aliens may have been portrayed as angels to our ancestors in antiquity. If this speculation turns out to be proven true; why would angels be buried at the Vatican only to be forgotten?" Father Edward Muldoon, of St. Jude's in Rome, answered pastor Michael Maregski's question with "maybe they are angels, but remember, there were two groups of angels."

United States envoy, James D. Arnold, states "everyone just needs to calm down about this matter. The Vatican area was once swamp land. I think people are just seeing the effects of swamp gas."

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into extraterrestrial-human encounters.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.,
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Vatican and UFO: Secretum Omega - Cristoforo Barbato

My name is Cristoforo Barbato I'm an italian independent UFO researcher, in the last 7 years I have worked and writing for different UFO magazines and frontier studies published in Italy : "NotiziarioUFO", "Dossier Alieni", "Stargate", "Extra Terrestre" and "Stargate Magazine".

I have also collaborated to the realization of two encyclopedias on the UFOs subject entitled "UFO Dossier X" of the Fabbri Edizioni and "Stargate - Enigmi dal Cosmo" of Curcio Editore.

Besides I have participated as chairman in different national symposium and conference on the UFOs where I have had the possibility to know important UFOs researcher both Italians how international.


Report by Zecharia Sitchin
The death of Pope John Paul II has occasioned widespread discussions about his own stand and the Vatican's position regarding a variety of subjects, from purely theological to social issues. Completely lacking has been any reference to an issue of concern to many, and especially to those interested in the subjects of UFO's, Life on other planets, and Extraterrestrials in general, and in Zecharia Sitchin's writings in particular. As it happened, it was exactly five years ago, in April 2000, that Zecharia engaged in a public discussion of those very issues with a leading theologian of the Vatican, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, during an international conference held in Bellaria (Bimini) in Italy.

The historic dialogue was reported at the time on this official website of Zecharia Sitchin; hereunder is the full text of that report which speaks for itself. In what must be a historic first, a high official of the Vatican and a Hebrew scholar discussed the issue of Extraterrestrials and the Creation of Man, and though different from each other in upbringing, background, religion and methodology, nevertheless arrived at common conclusions: *

Yes, Extraterrestrials can and do exist on other planets
* Yes, they can be more advanced than us
* Yes, materially, Man could have been fashioned from a pre-existing sentient being.

The Participants The high Vatican official was Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a Catholic theologian with impressive credentials: A member of the Curia of the Roman Catholic Church, a Prelate of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the Propagation of the Faith, leading exorcist of the Archdiocese of Rome, a member of the Vatican's Beatification Committee, an expert on Demonology and the author of several books. Appointed in the Vatican to deal with the issue of UFO's and Extraterrestrials, he has made in recent years pronouncements indicating a tolerance of the subjects; but he has never before met and had a dialogue with a Hebrew scholar, and gone beyond prescribed formulations to include the touchy issue of the Creation of Man.

Sitchin’s Presentation My talk, ably translated by my Italian editor Tuvia Fogel, included a slide presentation that added a pictorial dimension to the evidence from ancient times in support of Sumerian texts, on which my eight books based the

following conclusions:
We are not alone -- not just in the vast universe, but in our own solar system; There is one more planet in our solar system, orbiting beyond Pluto but nearing Earth periodically; Advanced "Extraterrestrials” -- the Sumerians called them Anunnaki, the Bible Nefilim -- started to visit our planet some 450,000 years ago; And, some 300,000 years ago, they engaged in genetic engineering to upgrade Earth's hominids and fashion Homo sapiens, the Adam. In that, they acted as Emissaries for the Universal Creator -- God.

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