Monday, December 10, 2007


Videos tagged 'processing'
builtwithprocessing is a meta-sketchbook of online sketches which were "Built with Processing".

Query Bursts

“At Yahoo! Research, JASMINE NOVAK has been running data analysis to identify when a search term becomes very popular, or "bursts." Sharing this data with us, we did reverse IP lookup on the addresses in the data and plotted the patterns of activities as a particle system. Here, in a time-lapse animation, particles show queries from each location worldwide.

We just posted some clips from the burst visualization software I've been working on. What you see are particles representing Yahoo! Search queries from specific locations for different terms. The chosen terms demonstrate a "burst" effect showing how current events affect Yahoo! Search regionally.
Created with Processing

Traffic Map

“Many displays of current traffic conditions exist right now. However, most useful would be a way of seeing a forecast of what's likely to happen during the commute. In this application, we have gathered and are visualizing data for Los Angeles

Abundance - Camille Utterback

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