Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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ufo artwork
The Alien Chronicles
Using over 150 images The Alien Chronicles takes us on a journey into the past, uncovering hidden details found in many texts and historical artworks. From the cave art of our indigenous ancestors, through to the high art of the Renaissance, we are shown a plenitude of evidence for strange beings, UFOs and other historically recorded alien encounters. In a methodical order and with academic gusto, The Alien Chronicles presents a strong case for the visitation of Extraterrestrials throughout known history. At the same time, the book challenges both anthropological and psychological explanations for UFO phenomenon, while presenting a portfolio of evidence that would have Mulder and Scully racing back in time ­ to every continent and every era. The book is nothing short of a major revolution in how we view the world and our history.
ISBN : 0-9541904-1-6
UFO Historical artwork A.D. / B.C

UFO's In Earth's History

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