Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Installations notes

Liminal Thresholds: Marcia Lyons

Installations notes:

One Projector:
opens: “ICE TV” 2007 proposal visualization tests
Web Proposal

Two Projector:
Desktop Stereo Only/
(EQ-vis (version eg 6 this get updated) .pde = processing)
right click open with PROCESSING–

Stereo Projection: to align the two screens/projectors- hit backspace(delete) to view cross-hair grid
move one window right until the edge line becomes a single dash line – lining up the processing with the stereo projections
to gauge alignment – there is a 1 pixel line of dashes- too thick and it is too near, disappears it is too far

press N = to reload data processing browser – or – close grid and hit RUN, apple R – *it will retain the grid until processing is quit out of-

to run: apple R or yellow arrow in processing
Apple Q to quit or ESC

Data: 7 day earthquake recording

Three Projector:
Lanshare: Tutor/Marcia/Antartica/Antartic-new/Antartic-new.pde - right click open with processing
(no alignment issues opens full screen)

*note: mic could feed off voice and/or computer speakers
Sound: check audio input– system pref/sound/
*input imac USB audiosystem– check input: volume full – clap to check mic is pick up
check output: up

To run/play: apple R or yellow arrow in processing menu

Key 1,2,3,4, - to oscillate between 4 different Antarctic ‘live’ webcams bases
each indicated by different colour

Data: temp, wind direction, sonic input, webcam live- every 1min

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