Monday, December 10, 2007

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Abundance - Camille Utterback

Camille Utterback - Artist Statement (partial)
My work is an attempt to bridge the conceptual and the corporeal. How we use our bodies to create abstract symbolic systems, and how these systems (language for example) have reverberations on our physical self is a matter of great concern to me. The dialog between these two realms is the subject of both my traditional and interactive work, and it is particularly relevant to our contemporary culture as we aim to grapple with the ramifications of virtuality and our increasing relationship with the interfaces and representational systems of our machines.

The interactive medium provides a rich environment to explore the connections between physical bodies and the myriad of representational systems possible in the digital realm. Physical-digital interfaces - ranging from the familiar mouse and keyboard to more unusual sensing systems - provide the connective tissue between our bodies and the codes represented in our machines. I take these interfaces as both a practical and conceptual artistic challenge. Interactive systems determine the grammar of our interaction with digital media, and ultimately its possibility for meaning.

By developing physical-digital systems that engage people's bodies instead of just their fingers and eyes, I hope to refocus attention on the embodied self in an increasingly mediated culture. Many of my interactive installations respond to participants locations in the installation space, to spatial relationships between participants, or to actual gestures and body language. By creating installations that use video tracking software to respond transparently to a user's entire body, I create a visceral connection between the real and the virtual.

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Distorted Pictures said...

I find this very interesting and kind of synchronous. I had always thought there was a false dichotomy set up by Jaron Lanier's phrase 'virtual reality'. What ever happened to Schrodinger's Cat? I read a couple of psych papers last night, they may be of interest?

Presence and the Self: a cognitive neuroscience approach