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Keith Armstrong - Environmental Artist
My works are influenced by philosophies drawn from critical, ecological theories and inspired by principles of social justice, sustainability and progressive social development -
Ecology, Performance and Collaboration - Embodying Intimate Transactions

Future Farmers
future farmers harvest -link for book cd/dvd:

Trans-cultural Mapping – Iceland Inside Out
Download at
The Inside Out (m)applet now available
The code for the java applet on these pages that visualizes the GPS data from the workshop is now available under the GPL. A few of the things that I had in mind when creating the applet was to make sure that it's compatible with all common Java VM's (including the MS Java VM) and also to do it in a way that with very minor alterations, the same applet can be used to visualize other peoples data. So even if you don't know java, you can probably get this to display your GPS data on a website. An interactive, realtime map will constantly display where we are and where we have been, complete with links to media-files related to various points on the map.
Partners: RIXC - LV | Ellipse - FR | Trondheim Electronic Arts Center - NO | Piknik Frequency Organisation - FI | Project Atol - SL | K@2 - LV (T E K S: Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre)

> Berlin.Soundscape-FM
> resonanCITY
> panDEV
> Soundscape-FM

> Pure Data for Sound&Image
> PD.Zilla
> Visible Sound/ Audible Image
> Pure Data
> Pure Data Exposed!

Umatic is an initiative of five media-artists working in the different fields of net-, video- and soundart. For more information about the individual artists, see the following links:
-- Bas van Koolwijk [NL]
.. is a video & audio artist. His work analyzes the disturbances produced by video, transforming them into numeric code, in order to produce a visual and acoustic sequence.. -->
-- Christian Toonk [NL] an audio and image artist with a background in home recording and video. Still using analogue techniques, he now puts more and more the emphasis on digital working methods.. -->
-- Derek Holzer [US/NL]
.. is a sound and radio artist with a background in free radio, and streaming media technologies. He was involved with some of the first experiments.. -->
-- Sara Kolster [NL]
is a video and new-media artist with a background in web / graphical design and webbased-projects.. -->

eg project:
PANdev: PsychoAcousticNavigation device
The project I am working on here in Iceland is a GPS-enabled portable audio recorder called "PANdev" [aka PsychoAcousticNavigation device]. This project is based on the use of Linux on an HP IPAQ 5550 palmtop computer, and is currently still under development.When completed, PANdev tag sound recordings made on the IPAQ with GPS data, allowing the times and locations of the recordings to be tracked. Later, these sounds could be arranged in a cartographical visual representation--in other words, a soundmap.

LABS/SCHOOLS (art and Science)
Listening Post is an art installation that culls text fragments in real time from thousands of unrestricted Internet chat rooms, bulletin boards and other public forums.
Listening Post is a physical network art installation, which is the focus of the nomination.

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