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Andrea Polli
Polli's work addresses global systems, the real time interconnectivity of these systems, and the effect of these systems on individuals. She currently works in collaboration with atmospheric scientists to develop works for understanding storm and climate information through sound (a process called sonification). Recent works include: a spatialized sonification of detailed storm models; a series of sonifications of actual and projected climate in Central Park; and a real-time multi-channel sonification and visualization of weather in the Arctic.

1n0ut: Robert Praxmarer & Reinhold Bidner
1n0ut is an artist collective that works both collaboratively and individually on a variety of video and interactive art projects with a focus on generating synesthetic experiences. The artists mix analogue and digital processes in their work to achieve a perfect aesthetic blend which can be understood as a reflection upon all of our lives. Cross-disciplinary by nature, their approaches reach from a self programmed real-time video montage system based on Praxmarer’s ongoing PhD work to the charming photo stills and composed video works from Bidner. Both like to think in shades of grey - between black and white - which gives the audience an experience of fuzziness, fault and, despite algorithmic perfection, harmony.

Adam Zaretsky
Adam Zaretsky is a Vivoartist working in Biology and Art Wet Lab Practice. This involves biological lab immersion as a process towards inspired artistic projects. His personal research interests revolve around life, living systems and interrogating varied cultural definitions that stratify life's popular categorizations.

Antony Hall
he is a founding member of the 'Owl Project' (with Simon Blackmore & Steve Symons).

Beatriz da Costa
Beatriz da Costa is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher working at the intersection of contemporary art, life science, engineering and politics. Her work takes the form of public participatory interventions, locative media, conceptual tool building . da Costa has also made frequent use of wetware in her projects and has recently become interested in the potential of interspecies co-production in promoting the responsible use of natural resources and environmental sustainability.
Other issues addressed in her work include the use of emergent technologies to investigate context specific configurations of social injustice, the politics of transgenic organisms, and the social repercussions of ubiquitous surveillance technologies. Through her work da Costa examines the role of the artist as a political actor engaged in technoscientific discourses.

Boo Chapple
Chapple is an artist and researcher whose work focuses on processes of transformation that operate at the boundary between life and non-life, bodies and culture.
residency at the SymbioticA art and science collaborative research laboratory,
exhibited : Ars Electronica, the Beijing Biennale of Architecture, and at the San Francisco MoMA.
Her essay ‘Journeys to the Other Side of the Navel’ pub in the book, ‘Art of the Biotech Era’.

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