Sunday, November 25, 2007

Andrea Polli

T2 -installation at Govett Brewster Gallery, NZ
T2 is an artistic exploration of real time ocean activity using wave and wind data*, webcams from the West Coast of the US and East Coast of New Zealand**, and a live global ocean conservation news feed.***

In T2, real time wave and wind data is translated into sound and animation. Webcams show a synchronous time lapse animation of recent coastal activity updated with new images every 30 minutes and a scrolling rss feed presents breaking news
*wave and wind data from Port Taranaki, New Zealand
**webcams from Pt Chev Tamaki New Zealand and San Luis Obispo California
***rss feed from

The Queensbridge Wind Power Project
presents a vision of a future when meeting energy needs can enhance the beauty of a city by investigating how clean, renewable wind power could be integrated into the landmark architecture of the Queensboro Bridge
example of her teams:
Project conceived of and directed by: Andrea Polli
Video directed by: Morgan Barnard
Video editing and animation by: Morgan Barnard
Computer models by: Markus Maurette
Featuring an interview with Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig Senior Research Scientist, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and leader of the Climate Impacts Group

macintosh stuffed archive including datareader object, source code, sample data files and MAX/MSP help file
c++ source code (for macintosh version)

Intuitive Ocusonics: Eye Tracking Musical Instrument Interfaces
"In Retina Burn, soundwaves generated by the sun are manipulated by movements of the performer's eye, thereby allowing the listener to audibly 'view' the sun without the usual risk of damaged vision. The composition's low hums and fluttering sine waves combine with percussive blinks and squints to gradually move through a series of sonic dilations; a feast for the ears prepared by the eye."

The artists featured in this Aer project look critically at the issue of air quality and use various methods to raise awareness of the issue among the public.

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