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simultaneous terrestrial and solar polar reversals and massive solar flares -devastating earthquakes peak 2012

The Galactic Alignment of December 21, 2012


Human activities, simultaneous terrestrial and solar polar reversals and massive solar flares are ingredients of devastating earthquakes between now and 2012
India Daily Technology Team
Sep. 17, 2005

According to Geophysicists, the world is headed for a catastrophe in terms of earthquakes between now and 2012. The reason behind unprecedented levels of massive earthquakes is human hands, simultaneous terrestrial and solar polar reversals and abnormal solar flares. The Sun is in some kind of million-year cycle. The earth is just too hot with massive amount of solar flares hitting the earth continuously. This will continue between now and 2012 – till the simultaneous solar and terrestrial polar reversals are complete.

The seismic activities can be so large that catastrophe can occur in every continent. The plates are getting brittle, the temperature is rising all over the world and polar shifts in the earth are accelerating. The Sun is extremely active these days. That is a major reason for worry.

Human activities are creating possible trigger points.

Construction of a reservoir, hydrocarbon production, or the injection of fluids into the ground triggers an earthquake at a specific location. Several well-documented cases exist where such large engineering projects and damaging earthquakes are genetically related. In most of these cases, the engineering projects themselves most likely did not create the stresses that caused the earthquake, but rather changed local conditions in such a way as to allow an earthquake to occur. The difference between inducing an earthquake and triggering an earthquake is subtle but important; generally, human activity will not create enough stress in the underlying rocks to cause an earthquake large enough to be recorded by distant seismographs. However, the activity can change the physical conditions at depth and thus allow an earthquake to occur.

The different activities that can trigger or induce earthquakes include impounding of deep artificial water reservoirs, underground mining, large-scale surface quarrying, high pressure fluid injection, removal of subterranean fluids for hydrocarbon production, and underground explosions. For example, reservoir-induced seismicity has been documented in China, central Africa, Greece, India, Egypt, Russia, Italy, South Carolina, Arizona, and California (Oroville Reservoir). The first well documented example occurred when Lake Mead, formed by Hoover Dam on the Colorado River, began filling in the late 1930's. The largest and most damaging reservoir-induced earthquake occurred on December 10, 1967, at Koyna, India (M 6.3), and claimed over 200 lives while destroying much of the Koyna Nagar town.

Pumping fluids into the ground at high pressure plays a major role in geothermal power generation, oil production, solution mining, and hazardous waste disposal. The first well-documented case of triggered seismicity due to fluid injection occurred at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal near Denver, Colorado during the early 1960's, where there was no previously recorded seismicity. Following these earthquakes, a fluid-injection experiment carried out in Rangely, Colorado, in a producing oil field proved that injecting high pressure fluids into geologic formations under the right conditions of stress could trigger earthquakes.

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