Monday, April 14, 2008

Ley line maps
Google Earth leys - Peter Champoux

Global Geometries of Place
Additional related Gaiagraphic studies by Peter Champoux are available.
The following are just three of more than fifty in the Gaiagraphic series completed to date.

North America PDF 650KB

This study is among the most detailed of the series.

Evolving over the past 10 years, this study identifies multiple biome centers and some of the many leys lines native to this continent.

North America's tectonic plate is circular as are all its biomic parts.

South America PDF 200KB

This gaiagraphic study was generated as the result of a request by Edwardo Luna, Shaman of South America to look at the geometry of Mt. Chimbrozo. Chimbrozo is the tallest mountain in the world because of its location on the equatorial bulge in Ecuador making it the farthest point from the center of the earth. South America's shape is a near perfect 3-4-5 triangular.

World Ley Lines PDF 342KB

An evolving study, this file illustrates the approximate course of major leys that link the aboriginal peoples, western nations, and middle eastern folks with the rest of the planet.

Gaia Matrix

Arkhom and the Geometries of Destiny in the North American Landscape
by Peter Champoux and Friends ISBN 0-9672328-0-5


Unknown said...

I was told there is a ley line running through Ft.Lauderdale Fl. It lookds from this map the red lines indicate there is one. Any info you can share on this, would be appreciated.

luckydog said...

can anyone tell me where the most powerful ley lines in the UK are sited? great information thanks for that

Unknown said...

Are there any let lines in West Virginia