Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Earth’s cryosphere


A Short Tour of the Cryosphere (Non-Interactive Media)

Credit: Jennifer Brennan, ADNET Systems Inc./NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Waleed Abdalati, Horace Mitchell, Ryan Boller, Lori Perkins, Greg Shirah, Carol Boquist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Walter Meier, Ronald Weaver, Mary Jo Brodzik, Richard Armstrong, National Snow and Ice Data Center; Alex Kekesi, Cindy Starr, Tom Bridgman, Randall Jones, Marte Newcombe, Stuart Snodgrass, Eric Sokolowsky, Jarret Cohen, Brian Krupp, Global Science and Technology, Inc.; Kevin Mahoney, Computer Science Corporation; Michael Starobin, Mike Velle, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.

The chain of interactions between Earth’s cryosphere and its climate is endless, and this 5-minute animation gives a bird’s-eye view of it all – from the crumbling Larsen B Ice Shelf in Antarctica to the shrinking sea ice in the Arctic to the season ebb and flow of the snow cover in the Rockies.

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